Join Us for the 8th International Support Women Artists Now Day!

SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now) is the official international day that celebrates women artists. It is celebrated yearly across the world on the last Saturday of March.

The month of March has been dedicated Women in History by highlighting and promoting the contribution of women in history, culture and society. 

SWAN Day was initiated in 2008 by the international community of women artists called WomenArts.

The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote diversity of women’s creativity and recognizing the importance of their presence and visibility in public spaces. 

This year, on March 28, SWAN Day will be celebrated for the first time in Prague.

Our hope is that SWAN Day will continue in the future by bringing women artists together and presenting their works through various art forms.

SWAN Day is organized in Prague by LAVU and Raddoxstudio

Public donations can be made personally to artists present at the event.


DATE: March 28, 2015
PLACE: ARTEK – Kozacka 10, Prague 10

5pm | Exhibition opening 

Photography ‘Sacrifices’ :
Lucie Nepeřená (CZE) & Vanessa Gendron (CAN)

Collages and videos :
Ivana Krauz Nikolić (SR)

Installation :
Tihana Valent (CRO)

6pm | Screening

Documentary film ‘Sacrifices’ :
Maša Hilčišin (BIH)

Video “Interviews” :
Maša Hilčišin (BIH) & Tihana Valent (CRO)

Film Intervention :
Christina Maldonado (MEX)

8pm | Dance and Music Performance 

Dance :
Dagmar Spain (CZE/GER)

Music :
Blanka Maděrová (CZE)
Valerie Vasilová (SVK)

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