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SWAN PRAGUE FESTIVAL je mezinárodní akcí, jejímž cílem je ukázat sílu a rozmanitost ženské tvořivosti. Přijďte a podpořte tyto úžasné kreativní ženy, které se podělí o svou vizi prostřednictvím různých uměleckých forem (hudba, tanec, fotografie, Dj, VJ, umělecké instalace, film, divadlo, performance, loutky atd.).

SWAN PRAGUE FESTIVAL is an international event created and produced by LAVU & RADDOX STUDIOS & PifPafPuf. It is designed to showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity from around the world. every year we combine various performances, exhibition, workshops and screenings! Come and support these amazing creative women sharing with us their visions through their specific art forms (photography, dance, music, VJ, DJ, art installations, film, theatre, performance art, puppetry, story telling, song).
This is a charity event, all proceeds are donated.

There have been over 1,400 SWAN Day events in 26 countries in the first eight years of this new holiday. For more information about the history and concept of the SWAN Day, please see History of SWAN Day.


Vanessa Gendron  (Production / Artist / Curator)    E: vanessa@lavu.eu

Maša Hilčišin         (Documentarian / Curator)          E: mhilcisin@gmail.com

Carlie Jefferson       (Artistic Direction / Artist)           E: carlijefferson@hotmail.com

Lucie Nepeřená     (Design / Curator)                           E: lucie@arcimboldo.cz