Brigitte Dörner (GER)

Brigitte Dörner – Dark Smile Studio

Brigitte has the license to play. A puppet maker in the first place she sees herself as a creator of ‘things’,

In her home based workshop Dark Smile Studio she creates puppets of all sizes, small ones for kids (she’s also a puppetry teacher) up to 2,5m tall puppets, such as The Harpy for a school performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, table top puppets, sometimes with elements of Bunraku technique, masks, theater props and all sorts of heads and other cut off body parts.

Her theater life began in winter 2012 here in Prague, when she did several puppets and masks for Prague Playhouse’s of A Christmas Carol. After that she worked on props for both, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, also with Prague Playhouse, directed by Steve Josephson and RENT – The Musical, also directed by Steve Josephson. In 2013 she joined Prague Shakespeare Company as props designer and since then worked on props and set for most of their shows.

Her recent work includes props design and art directing for several short movies, mostly student productions, but also a music video and an upcoming short movie of a medieval fairy tale.

Brigitte currently works on her own production and direction debut of Shakespeare’s The Tempest as an artist lab for PSC400, which will show the bard’s entire canon during 2016.