Christina Maldonado

Christina Maldonado (1974) is a Mexican artist whose background in body movement lends a unique approach to her visual and conceptual experiments with video, sound, collage and performance. Her work unifies experimental theater, dance, participatory art, new and old media. Her topics are body, communication and intimacy. She creates experiential frames connecting installation, video and live action.

She works alone or in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and has recently performed in Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Cyprus, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic.

Since 2003 she has been directing various art and theater projects in Czech Republic such as Experiment in Terror,  DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (2011), Theorem of Wanting, Roxy/NoD (2009), Fact,  Festival 4+4 days in motion (2004), Study on Fact and Fragility, PQ (2010), Audio-witness, Honestly Old, MeetFactory (2010),  Melodrama Mexicano, Transteatral Festival (2010).

She has also presented her work in Museum of Contemporary Art Ex Teresa Arte Actual (MEX), Mail Art Hyperallergic Gallery New York,  EstacionArte Mexican Contemporary Art Encounter, International festival of Performance Performagia (MEX), Mediations Contemporary Art Biennial (POL), Theater Osmego Dnia (POL) among others.


Cristina Maldonado recycles films to create visual collages in real time. It is a performance that reinterprets films by making live physical interventions to invade and damage the composition, atmosphere and situation of the scenes.
This project started with the manipulation of Experiment in Terror and continued with the Color of Pomegranate, currently you can invite WSD to de-compose any film you would like to choose that fits your purposes in a given context. The intervention of WSD consists in selecting 60min max of the film and intervene it working with and against it, selecting actions and objects based on the esthetic and context of the film.