Dagmar Spain

(choreographer, director, actress) born in the Czech Republic, received her early dance training in Frankfurt, Germany (BFA in dance). In Germany she has professionally worked for several dance companies including the Bremer Tanztheater where she started to work very intensely with actors. In 1990 she moved to New York to complete her MFA at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. There she founded her own dance company Dance Imprints in 2000 after performing intensely with very diverse choreographers. Her work has been presented and commissioned in the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and the Czech Republic and is deeply inspired by theater, music and film. She has lived in Prague for 6 years and was there active as a dancer, choreographer and actor in roles as diverse as Amanda in the “Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, as Striga in “Borgia” (TV series), and a drunken dancer in “Nosferatu” directed by oscar nominated screenwriter Peter Straughan. Dagmar has developed her latest work “ that which moves forward…” in a dance residency at the Lake Studios in Berlin in the summer 2015 and performed it with pianist and composer Fernando Otero at divadlo Ponec in Prague, as well as toured together with him including other works the Czech Republic and Bulgaria in October 2015. Her recent move to her permanent home in Berlin is another inspiration for her latest video “Serafina” and a reflection of an inner state adjusting being back in Germany after 25 years living abroad. www.danceimprints.com


Project description:


In this new work “Blind SpotDagmar Spain juxtaposed a recently developed solo “that which moves forward” to a newly developed video “Serafina” to highlight each others approaches dealing with our human condition to search for answers, quite often without asking the right questions. In other words: Our search of belonging without belonging at first to our true selves… which sooner or later drags us to the coast of that recurrent Blind Spot.


The original work by choreographer Dagmar Spain is inspiring and varied. Given her relationship to the Czech Republic, we hope that she will show more of her projects here and it is certainly something to look forward to.”                                                                                                                                                                – Lucie Kocourková , Opera Plus