Maya Petrovna (GB)

ABOUT Facebook/Maja Petrovna Hilcisin and Soundcloud/ Maya Petrovna. Maya Petrovna aka Maja Petrovna Hilcisin is a London based operatic vocalist/ ethnic vocalist, film composer and physical theatre artist. Maya brings her multi disciplinarily work to full extend in her extremely complex visual one woman shows for which she composes and produces all music for. While singing live, her show moves radically from one visual world into another, where for each song Maya creates all new different scenography and costumes bringing Jodorowski style visual and aural poetry in motion set in theatre. She uses complex sculptural costumes and physical theatre as an extension to her music which she also creates all by her self alone, taking the audience to one epic ride of a compelling emotional intelligence,bringing stories from disturbed erotic to comical toy like and perverse politics. While Maya’s work is based on her personal stories, she translatesthem in universal emotional language, often trying to find the new equilibrium and truth behind disturbed social affairs, relationships and hope. For

SWAN PRAGUE 2017 “Borderlines” she will bring some dramatic new work which she will also combine with extremely intimate section with

Maya singing on piano unplugged to bring the audience closer to emotional intensity ‘Borderlines’ triggers, the overwhelming emotions we feel from cares to hit in a stomach. Through her voice she will try to bring intimacy and awareness which are often the true healers of any form of inner peace loss. The roots of parallel life as a performer and composer for Maya began first with training in rhythmic gymnastics as a child. During enforced break from gymnastics caused by early 90s war in Sarajevo, Maya started to developed her voice and learned guitar and piano “by ear”. Her first compositions began after the war when she attended a formal 3 year training in operatic singing and classical guitar at Sarajevo Music School. Few years of training rhythmic gymnastics as a child have brought later re- establishment of physical theatre in her shows. During past 18 years she has been establishing her work internationally while Sydney and London had the biggest influence on her career. Her original operatic solo art performances have been contributing to theaters from Sydney Opera House (for CODA “Music for the eyes” show) to iconic and exclusive London Box Soho shows (watch launch for celebrity Will.I.Am), with her work admired from the underworld of Berlin’s Kit Kat to many international festivals, London Fashion Show, Rome Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival and Australian Cockatoo Island, Peats Ridge and Great Escape. Her film composition credits include working as a music programmer for an acclaimed film director Baz Luhrmann and his film ‘Australia”, singing, composing and orchestrating original scores for film ‘Australia” 10 Apple podcasts, “Suzie Lovitt” film about young Jude Laws son, produced by Sadie Frost, feature thriller “Snakes and Ladders” directed by Bollywood director, Naveet Choujar, a global advertising campaign Tourism Australia for Asia produced by Revolver Film and spot featuring Annie Leibovitz. Maja’s voice and compositions got in hands of Sydney Studio Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. 2017 has brought a release of ‘Blood Debts’ album by Years of Denial, for which Maya has done all the lyrics and vocals for, a result of 3 year long collaboration with drummer/producer Jerome Tcherneyan.