Azadeh Kangarani (IRN)

Azadeh Kangarani (Theatre director, producer, actress) got her MA from (DAMU, Prague) in Theatre Directing. Her first production Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me was presented at the Nad Prahou Půlměsíc (A Crescent over Prague) Cultural Festival in 2014. Her graduation production A Moment of Silence by the contemporary Iranian playwright and director Mohammad Yaghoubi was also presented at various festivals in the Czech Republic in 2015. She acted in A Moment of Silence, in a Live Radio Play on Stage, Oh My Sweet Land, a play about Syria by Amir Nizar Zuabi, directed by Lída Engelová (in Prague and in Brno) and. My Pink Labyrinth, which she wrote and which is her one-woman show in the previous Swan festival in 2015 and other festivals in Prague as an authorial acting production. Her adaptation of Troilus and Cressida premiered at Swan Bar at the Kolowrat Theatre as a part of PSC400 in 2016. It was also a part of Nad Prahou Půlměsíc Cultural Festival in Prague, 2015 and Iranian Theatre Festival in Heidelberg in Feb 2017. She will have her latest production as a co-director and dramaturge in collaboration with Michaela Bartonova on a German/Czech live/multimedia production which will be performed in different cities in Germany and Czech Republic. Azadeh is honored to be able to collaborate once more with Swan Prague Festival in 2017. She believes a lot in people who try to do their best to hold this festival, which involves many female artists from all over the world in one place.