Carli Jefferson ( UK)

Title: Shroud Series(2017)

Artist: Carli Jefferson

Carli Jefferson was born in Essex, England in 1978. Trained in multiple dance styles and choreography, Carli’s professional focus has been on exploring a live performance language that integrates dance & expressive movement, percussion & rhythmics, and performer/viewer interactivity. She has made work for stage and screen, as well as gallery, theatre, site-specific, commercial and street contexts. Alongside her work as a professional choreographer and teacher, her artistic practice incorporates making in multiple media, including costume, installation, sculpture, collage, sound and film.


Drawing on the artist’s perspectives of being female from both her 35 year career in “Show Business” and the lived experience of 20 years of physically and mentally abusive relationships, Shroud series is a triptych of film stills chosen from the film Shroud that considers the gaze, examining the tensions of hidden/exposed, protection/threat, and service/sacrifice. These are patterns that confront the spirit of woman in a male-coded culture, a culture so desperate for and dependent on female energy that this fact cannot be acknowledged. The female must therefore be devalued and debased by the gaze even as it is demanded and desired.

Shroud explores the idea of resilience, the ability to transmute suffering and loss into beauty and power.


Title: Shroud (2017)

Artist: Carli Jefferson

Direction / Performance: Carli Jefferson

Interpretation / Song: Clair Le Couteur

Poem: John Donne, ‘A Nocturnal Upon Saint Lucy’s Day’ (c.1627)

clair pic.jpg

Clair Le Couteur (*1982) is a non-binary trans researcher, artist and composer currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in sculpture – ‘Mislabelling and the Fictive Museum’ – at the Royal College of Art in London. Combining writing, making, and performance, Clair builds structures that reorientate fact and fiction, research and creation, and tradition and contemporaneity. Recent projects include: co-editing Why Would I Lie? (2015), a publication accompanying the inaugural RCA Research Biennial; Put You Through (2015), a photo installation for Pride in London with the Switchboard charity archive; an essay on gender and species in selkie folktales for Gender Forum #55; Transportation Blues (2016), a live-looped folk song cycle at the Horse Hospital gallery; Roots Between the Tides (2016), a network of 188 images installed at Warrington Museum; and Reading Trans (2017), a series of workshops for the Goldsmiths MA fine art course.



Photo credit: Nayan Kulkarni