Charlie One

Charlotte Fairman AKA Charlie One



Growing up in Essex, England, Charlotte Fairman had a flair for music & entertainment from an early age.

Spending some years in South London, Charlotte began to sing with electronic music bands Wubble-U (house music with a comedic edge) and Gadzouk (Drum n’ Bass).

It was at this point that she acquired the stage name CHARLIE ONE.

She met Czech music producer, Jan Muchow in Wubble-U’s studio (both artists were on the same label, Go Disks) and collaborated with him on a few tracks. Charlie’s curiosity about Prague had been sparked. She would go to visit. The year was 1995.


On her first trip to Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary in Autumn 1995, Charlie was whisked into a studio in Prague on her 2nd day there. It was a lush studio with an SSL mixing desk on the side of a prestigious concert hall, Rudolfinum, in the centre of Prague. One of the Czech guys from the group was a sound engineer there so he managed to swing the recording session.

After this, opportunities kept arising in Prague including playing with Wubble-U at the famous Roxy club. The Wubble-U song Petal that Charlie sang on was on the sound track of what became a cult Czech film, ‘Septej’ and this song went on to become a national dance hit around Czech Republic. It was around this time that Charlie was asked to join the newly formed Czech band Ohm Square. She agreed and in 1996 Ohm Square’s debut album, Ohmophonica followed. This album was the first of it’s kind in Czech Rep. An electronic dance music album produced by 3 Czechs & an English girl. It achieved some kind of cult status.


Charlie decided to make the move to Prague in 1998.


Since then she has been involved in a wide range of activities, many voice related, including:

singing on & making the music for film sound tracks & advertisements,

doing Voice Overs & dubbing on films & advertisements,

proof reading text,

acting in film, adverts, theatre,

presenting Music Awards live & Music TV programs,

voice coaching well known Czech actors in English for dubbing the puppet film, ‘Kuki se vraci‘ (Kuki returns) by famous director Jan Sverak,

singing live at events such as the Elite modelling competition in the Spanish Hall at Prague castle, The Prague Hilton on NYE 3 years running, and at countless other events.


Charlie has collaborated on many music projects in Prague over the years and is said to be one of the most significant singers in the Czech Dance scene. She MC’s alongside DJ’s playing anything from House music to Drum n Bass & Down tempo.


Charlie also performs with musicians (pianist, bass player & drummer) under the name ‘Charlie & the Chocolates‘ interpreting anything from jazz, swing, pop, funk, soul & folk music. They play all over, from private functions to the Mediterranean & French street markets of Prague where they never cease to attract a large audience of delighted listeners.


The electronic band Ohm Square exists to this day & is getting stronger & more influential. They now comprise of two members, Charlie One & Jan 2 (Jan Cechticky) and they collaborate with special guest Mirek Lacko on keyboards. They released their 5th studio album, ‘A curious place between Souls & Atoms’ at the beginning of 2014 which features 4 unique videos including Humanic which won the Ibiza music video festival award for best production voted for by a reputable collective of judges & also first place voted by the public. This video is directed by Jan Sima.

Ohm Square have picked up 2 Czech music grammy awards (Andel) for best band of the year & best album of the year, been voted Band of the decade by Prague’s Radio 1 (Radio Jedna) listeners and warmed up for the likes of Fat Boy Slim & Lou Reed. They’re a film director’s band of choice when it comes to sound tracks.


Charlie is currently working on her solo project

                                           OHM SQUARE


This electronic jewel has a prominent history. The Czech formation
was founded in 1996 and consisted of three established Prague
musicians (Jan 2, Jan 5 and Dusan Only One) and a British vocalist
(Charlie One). They started with their own label at that time, got
licensed by MFS in Germany and were featured on a DJ Kicks
compilation by Nicolette of Massive Attack.
The success continued with their album being voted record of the year
in Czech ‘Rock and Pop’ magazine.
Ohm Square soon became one of Czech Republic’s most respected Dance
acts & remain well established on the scene.

They have played in countless locations across Europe alongside names
such as Fat Boy Slim, Lou Reed, EZ Rollers, Apollo 440, Coldcut,

With two Czech Grammys (Andel) under their belt, Ohm Square have picked up various other titles including ‘Band of the Decade’ on Czech
Republic’s only Independent radio station, Radio Jedna, voted by the
Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie One has collaborated on many projects and is
said to be one of the most significant singers in the Czech Dance scene.
Ohm Square are a film maker’s favourite with compositions in many Czech films. Jan 2 & Charlie One have also written entire Sound tracks for films.
Now consisting of 2 members, Ohm Square have recently released their
fifth album, ‘A curious place between Souls & Atoms’ which features 4 unique videos including Humanic which won the Ibiza music video festival award for best production voted for by a reputable collective of judges & also first place voted by the public.


As well as providing the sound track to the silent movie, “Sunrise, A song of two humans” with their live performance, Ohm Square also use projections throughout their live shows which are triggered by producer Jan 2 throughout the performance. Their live shows are an experience to be savoured.

Ohm Square members Charlie One & Jan 2 have a gift for entertaining at events and functions in the form of a DJ set where Jan mixes up a melange of musical styles and Charlie interprets the songs through her voice using a looper & effects along the way. They have played at numerous prestigious events including for Tereza Maxova in Monaco who hosted the vernisage of cutting edge artist Vojta Pavlicek & in Brussels at the vernisage of the well known artist Petr Pisarik.