Ivona Danziger

Ivona Danziger is the Founder of kleinMAUS, a design strategy boutique agency based in Prague (www.kleinmaus.com). Prior to founding kleinMAUS, Danziger worked during various periods for the top two mainstream brand and packaging design agencies in Central Europe. KleinMAUS’s specialties are design for consumer food products and in particular high-end spirits and other beverages.


Danziger’s affinity for converting art into practical commercial designs and application is rooted in her own personal creativity as a painter. She studied oil painting technique at Private Art School of Vera Steflova in 1992-1995. She bi-annually exhibits her work in a variety of forums around the Czech Republic.


Though having grown up in a small village near Rakovnik, Danziger has lived nearly a decade abroad and working in the multinational corporate environment and using her fluent German and English language skills on a professional level.


Danziger is also a proud mother of her dual national Czech-American 5 year old son, who’s own interest in art inspired her initiation of a long-term partnership with a local children’s art gallery where she leads customized Experimental Painting for Youth workshops.