Kateřina Smržová ( CZ)

I began singing in the choir Bambini di Praga in 6 years, than I went to choir Children´s opera. There was much experience. I studied musical pieces such as: Little Mozart, The Opening of the Wells, Brundibar, Ejemovic Rézinka and more…

In the eleven years I played in The Bartered Bride at the National Theatre, as a small Gretel.

I also sang in Phantom of the Opera, as bloody opera. In 2005, I was shown to represent Czech Republic at EXPO in Japan in Aichi. On this occasion, I studied the Vltava (B. Smetana) in Japanese language.

At fourteen, I went to the Prague Conservatory, majoring in music and drama, which I graduated. During my studies I played in the series and in theatre.

I studied Literary academy year, so I can use the knowledge when I working with text.