Linday Taylor (USA)

Co-Founder and Managing Director PFTC

Lindsay Taylor is the co-founder and Managing Director of PFTC. Over the past 4 years, she has production managed, produced, and participated in the production of shorts, features, castings, webseries, promos, documentaries, theatre productions, festivals, workshops, and networking events.

Lindsay leads PFTC’s casting services and is a casting director for film, tv, theatre, and voicework for international and Prague-based projects. Most recognized projects include North American Picture’s “The Lost Legion” bought by Lionsgate, Dreadlock’s hit indie video game “DEX”, Tympanium’s audiobook “The Great Gatsby”, and most recently Warhorse Studio’s “Kingdom Come:Deliverance”.

She is the artistic director of her own multimedia Prague-based theatre company, A Broad’s Way Productions, Most noted productions are Dokola: A Prague Adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, Beirut written by Alan Bowne, and Mary Stuart Winter 2015, a part of ongoing avant-garde fashion/film/theatre undertaking The Mary Stuart Project.

She has also worked in content distribution with historical film company, Three Brothers Production, where Lindsay lead their marketing and development efforts,spearheading the international networking and sales efforts of the company travelling to TV/Film marketplaces and festivals representing titles and seeking co-production partners and funds for developing projects.

Lindsay is also a working actress and director co-operating with all of the Prague-based, English-language theatre companies. Favourite roles include “Lucy” in Prague Playhouse’s You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, “The Arbiter” in Blood, Love, and Rhetoric’s Chess, “Witch” in Prague Shakespeare’s Company’s Macbeth, and “Soloist/Homeless Woman” in Galimaufry Theatre’s Rent. In 2014, Taylor also broke into the exclusive Czech musical theatre scene, performing in rep and in the Czech language as herself in 2Landa Production’s “Touha”.

“In this industry, we are often told to specialize. specialize. specialize. While I’m sure there is sound truth to this advice, personally, I have found that immersing myself and my skills in a variety of different projects and roles has been a rewarding learning experience. It’s made me appreciate the various approaches to the creative process, understand the ins and outs of the industry better, and assist in helping a blossoming community of creative professionals connect with and develop their projects.”