Rozálie Kohoutová (CZ)

Rozalie Kohoutova was born in 1985 in Prague. In 2003 she was accepted into Charles University, where she specialized in Roma culture as her major. In 2006 she was accepted to Prague film school FAMU, department of documentary film.

Her student semi fiction-documentary film got many awards at student festivals in Czech republic or abroad (the best film Famu Fest 2010, the best Czech film Fresh Film Fest, Early Melons award in Bratislava 2010, the best student film Tel Aviv festival 2010).

She studied 2 semesters at Sorbonne University in Paris, than she worked in Paris based film production Idéal Audience on a production inter ship.

In October 2012 she completed her masters degree at FAMU film school in Prague. She stayed than two more years in Paris, working on a Czech-French coproduction film Jenica and Perla. The film was premiered at Prague One World festival in 2015 and got a nomination for Pave

l Koutecky award. She also cooperated with French film productions HKS and Art Park.

During her studies she cooperated as a director with Czech Television on regular shows such as Czech version of Who do you think you are, 13. Komnata, Rub a Lic, or historical short-fiction Capkovy kapsy, Pribeh snatkového podvodnika.

She took part in a short stories- feature film Gottland, directed by five young Czech filmmakers.

In 2016 she finished a new docu-fiction project produced by HBO. Film FC Roma was premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2016.