Sophie Knittel (FRA)

Sophie Knittel is a photographer who specialises in documentary photography bordering on narrative. Her work focusses on human and social issues from Roma ghettos and teenagers in Czech Republic with “Chanov” and “Zižkov Gitano”, to the adolescent rite of passage of the Maturity balls, or the historical, architectural, political and sociological origins and aftermaths of the “Panelák”. Knittel also works on more personal projects such as a series on the illness that almost took her mother, exploring their mother-daughter relationship in “The Fourth Cancer”, or the role of dreams and nightmares in the multimedia piece “Demos Oneiroi”, or her introspective “The Hour of the Wolf”.

Sophie Knittel’s work has been published and exhibited in France, Czech Republic, the UK, Germany, the USA, Cyprus and further afield. She holds a Master degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the University of Arts London (LCC). She is a member of the collaborative and broadcasting platform Studio Hans Lucas.