Tereza Silon (CZ)

Tereza Silon
is an artist (poet, performer, mover, researcher, and space-holder) moving in various environments and circles. She believes being part of various communities allows her to understand a broader network of our collective body.

In 2014 she was awarded her degree in history of art and archeology of Africa and Asia (SOAS), where she focused on immaterial arts, performance, rituals and arts and crafts in social contexts. She studied dance from various sources and world-renowned artists and teachers (La Veronal, Ponderosa, Dickson Mbi, Gravity Aerial Academy etc.) as well as collaborators and party-goers, therapies as a peer counsellor (UWCAD) and social worker, she was initiated into energy work as a child. She studies life and receives lessons from it as it richly enfolds. She is interested in questions of social justice and ecology, mental health, re-distribution of material and psychic resources and possibilities of intimacy and still believes in magick, empathy and living, embodied (and erotically throbbing) knowledge.

Among some of her projects belong gatherings and workshops and performance projects. Such as recent C.U.R.E. in Budapest, Communing and Initiation in the countryside of the west Germany, Výchova Dívek v Čechách in studio SAVEC in Prague, Carnival Revolution for the International Womyn’s Day in London or immersive performative party at Open Air Festival Hradec Králové or poetry reading at Prague MicroFestival. She’s performerd cabaret and immersive pieces in London, Prague, Berlin and other places. She works with live arts and collective happenings, knowledge re-distribution, words, energies, images and her personal and collective mytho-cartographies.  She’s a work in a progress and a subject to change. // http://www.terezasilon.com  //