Zeina Kanawati (SYR)

I got an English literature degree while I was creating my own small family, becoming a mother at a very young age never was a burden but more it was a motivation to continue writing, and to address the smartest audience ever… Children.

Holding a certificate in script writing, and creative writing, and with the collaboration of many organizations caring about children like (DED and UNESCO) I published my books, and got the chance to distribute them in Syrian public schools and in refugee camps outside Syria, and with the help of all the people inside certain besieged parts in Syria I managed to reach the kids there and deliver my short stories to them in an attempt to build a fine line between the inside world of the war zone, and the outside world where children are playing freely and happily.

Having to live in many of the most difficult places for women around the world for the past nine years, motivated my creativity. I was working in places where I was not allowed to be seen or heard, I gave Music, Piano, Dance and Art lessons for little girls at Gymboree (Saudi Arabia) and I started my small Crochet business, and became a professional crochet designer and tutor, which connected me more to my Syrian traditional roots, and led me to be in touch with small businesses inside Syria supporting women who have lost their homes and beloved ones but not their ability to create.

Not afraid of starting again and to open new doors, I joined Prague College this year as a student, seeking Diploma in creative media studies. And waiting for life to surprise me with more opportunities and luck along my path.